Akshara’s “In Time” TEASER – Sadjam (SoundCloud)

Sa Excerpt

Sa Excerpt – Named after the first note in Indian classical tradition (as in Sa  – Ri – Ga – Ma), this is one of the earlier Akshara compositions set in a zig-zag scale (vakra).

Akshara’s “In Time” TEASER – Urban Kriti (SoundCloud)

Mind The Gap Excerpt

Mind the Gap -Based on an ancient Carnatic scale called Kamboji, this dynamic piece explores silence as an integral part of music.

Opus In 5 Excerpt

Opus In 5 Excerpt – The first and longest composition by Bala, this is based on a rhythmic cycle of 5.

Mohana Blues on SoundCloud

Akshara’s Mohana Blues  – ‘Best World Traditional Song‘ award at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards.

Mohana Blues

Bitter End, September 6, 2013

Opus In 5

St. Lawrence University, March 24, 2015

Mind The Gap

The Bitter End, September 6, 2013

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