Akshara’s “In Time” TEASER – Sadjam (SoundCloud)

Akshara’s “In Time” TEASER – Urban Kriti (SoundCloud)


Mohana Blues on SoundCloud

Akshara’s Mohana Blues  – ‘Best World Traditional Song‘ award at the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards.

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Mind The Gap Excerpt

Based on an ancient Carnatic scale called Kamboji, this dynamic piece explores silence as an integral part of music.

Sa Excerpt

Named after the first note in Indian classical tradition (as in Sa  – Ri – Ga – Ma), this is one of the earlier Akshara compositions set in a zig-zag scale (vakra).

Opus In 5 Excerpt

The first and longest composition by Bala, this is based on a rhythmic cycle of 5.

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Mohana Blues

Bitter End, September 6, 2013

Opus In 5

St. Lawrence University, March 24, 2015

Mind The Gap

The Bitter End, September 6, 2013